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My career in the beauty industry began a few years before the 2008 recession.  It was a difficult time to begin a new career, but I knew that this was where I was supposed to be.  I was drawn in by the ability to make my own schedule, take new and exciting on-trend classes, and use my creative abilities to connect with new people and help them look and feel amazing.  I knew that if I could stay positive build a business through this difficult economic time, then I could do anything I set my mind to.  

I grew up in San Diego, California enjoying what most San Diegans love the most...the sun!  Between hiking Cowles Mountain, exploring the Point Loma tide pools, and taking afternoon drives to Julian for apple pie and cider, nature is where I am most at peace.  Any time I can escape the inside and enjoy the outdoors with my dogs, or anybody else's dogs, is a great day for me.  The only exception to this rule is if I am playing in a poker game.  My dad taught me to play as a young child and quickly found out that I was an excellent weapon against my Uncles and Aunts to get revenge on lost winnings from the past!  Fun Fact- when the economy was low from the recession in 2008 and my income was sparse, I would play poker and use my winnings to pay for hairstyling classes and new tools that I would have not been able to afford otherwise.  Thanks Dad!

I have always been a creative and empathetic spirit. These two qualities have helped me immensely in this industry.  When a client sits down in my chair, they are more than just a head of hair that needs a touch up, or a trim, or a change.  There is a story there, an emotion, a feeling that they are trying to create so when they leave, they feel whole again.  My ability to listen and to genuinely care about finding what they are trying achieve is what makes me unique as a stylist.  My creative eye and passion for all things beautiful is what leaves my clients looking and feeling amazing every time. 

Come in, relax, and let me help you to create, maintain, or transform.  Book your appointment online today!


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